BAM Connect Stories - Episode 5 - Claudia Cochină - Fly High

My mission takes the form of an educational project that is different, innovative, and focused on children. Both projects started with a passion for children. And they both respond to our community's need for different educational services. They cannot be that different. We're still focusing on children, believing that everyone is unique, and trying to help each of them grow. And also journey with them. Because we do think education is a journey with ups and downs. And as teachers and mentors, we need to guide the students in this journey and be there for them.

BAM Connect Stories - Episode 3 - Bill Job - Business as Mission in China

We began to feel God's heart for the employees. We also began to realize that it is His company and we are stewarding it, and that He knows the lives of every person in the city where we are. From the scripture, we can see that He has a tendency to care for people with special needs, so we assume that He probably can send someone with special needs from the city to the company of which we are stewards. We accepted his suggestion to hire certain people. We become very aware that sometimes He will send someone to the company who wouldn't be a normal employee—someone who wouldn’t necessarily pass an HR exam or interview process. We ended up hiring a number of beggars off the street, and several of them became very good employees. Rather than waiting for 5 a’clock and then away from the company do something for the Kingdom, now the Kingdom had actually invaded my factory.

BAM Connect Stories - Episode 1 - Seeds of Kenosis Design

They ask me what do you do, and what we are doing is the Gospel. They ask me what is Kenosis and I say, Kenosis is one of the most beautiful words that I know. When you find yourself in a privileged, high position, you have the chance to take advantage of people, and put people under you. They bring to you what they work, for as a company leader. Kenosis is when you voluntarily and with joy renounce that place and become their servant and that’s what we are doing here. The high you become, the more that you just serve the people beneath you.